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The objective of ours school is to bring out the potential talents in students for creative writings. Helps the students to develop their interest in fine arts. Organizes contests in Essay Writing. Debating and Quiz programmes at regular intervals.

Eubank Academy Of Literacy And Fine Arts teaches literacy to elementary school students that are commonly limited to the use of standard reading programs. Although systematic, these approaches do not allow for children to experience various ways of learning or engagement with these structured literacy programs. Our program utilizes the constructivist approach to explore how children’s experiences and reflections enhance natural literacy development. Our school’s purpose is to determine if creativity and engagement in the arts enhance language and literacy skills in children. By integrating art practices with literacy tasks, specifically dance and visual arts children will use such active experiences to enhance specific language and literacy skills. Children, who participate in artistic activities, will excel in subsequent oral and written language activities.

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How To Successful Repay Your Student Loans

Once you have successfully acquired your student loan, the next thing you have to do is be responsible in paying for it. Student loans, like any other loans, need to be paid off in time. There are many ways on how to earn while studying so you can have some money to pay for it.

paying off student loans

Some others tend to ignore their student loans and it gives them problems in the long run. Overdue and missed payments can cause the amount to increase. It is important to always make payments on time. Discover more student loans information from here. In order to succeed in repaying your student loan, follow these tips:

8 Student Loan Repayment Tips to Help You Succeed

Before You Apply

1. Plan, plan, plan

As with any major life decision, the first step you’ll need to take to help keep your student loan repayment process as smooth as possible is to make a plan. Whether you’re switching careers or boosting your current career, keep in mind what your potential new salary could be and when it might take effect. This way, you can have a financial strategy for a possible job hunt period or for some time … Read more...